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JanSar, Inc. has offered management-consulting services in the North American and the European markets since 1991.

We have a strong TECHNOLOGY orientation, with client representation in the following industries: 

  • Automotive
  • Civil Aviation
  • Renewable Energies
  • Machine Tools
  • Controls and Measurement
  • Electronics
  • Medical Equipment and Components

JanSar supports primarily small and medium-sized companies in North America and Europe which want to engage in activities on other continents. Our typical client has revenue of up to US$ 1 billion.

The menu of services offered includes, but is not limited to: 

Consulting services to develop, refine, and extend 
international strategies.
Project management for product introduction with clients on
other continents.
Management services to perform strategic and operative tasks
for the client on other continents.

These aforementioned services were key in the introduction of various products from European and American manufacturers with carmakers and tier one suppliers. 

With that same success, JanSar established relationships between companies, ranging from cooperation agreements to acquisitions of companies of up to US$ 1 billion in revenue.

Our most important performance item, and that which sets us apart from the standard consulting companies, is the possibility for our client to have management personnel available to address special tasks in international business areas.   A medium-sized company starting to establish international business activities or having to address specific problems in new activities does not typically have experienced management staff available to quickly and efficiently address successfully these required tasks.   This is even more true if the company tries to set up cooperative agreements with other partners.


Our skills can assist in all of these areas.

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